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Saturday, January 6, 2007

Get Paid to Blog

Now you can get paid for blog
ibibo blogs is searching for indian bloggers to blog about virtually anything they like.
Rs 1.5 Crore to be earned! Get paid to blog! Every month! See the pay-out.
to join ,you have to pay nothing.its free,but it is open for only indian blogger for now.
Anything (text, picture, links etc.) you publish on your blog is called a post. Everytime you publish something, that's a post. Your posts are all arranged in your blog in reverse chronological order. That is, the latest post appears first.

Email - Share your post with people instantly by sending an email to them. It's easy, just click on the 'Email this' button placed below every post and fill in your friends' email addresses.
SMS - After writing a post you can instantly send an SMS to your friends and invite them to read, rate and comment on it.And, of course, you can spread the word on your own.
How is the 1.5 Crore paid?
Each and every one of the Top 100 bloggers wins prizes totalling Rs 1,55,40,000*.
The Top Blogger wins Rs 6,00,000.
Bloggers ranked from 2 to 10 win Rs 3,60,000 each!
Bloggers ranked from 11-30 win Rs 1,80,000 each!
Bloggers ranked from51-100 win Rs 90,000 each!
How does ibibo Great Indian Blogger Hunt work?
How can I increase my ibQ score?
How do I enter the ibibo Great Indian Blogger Hunt?
Competition Rules and Regulations:

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