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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Have Control Of Your Sent e-mails

It seems simple enough. We can control e-mails we get, our web pages, our documents, pictures, and just about everything else on our computer. But we can’t control the e-mails we send if we want to. Here is the Answer:

Kablooey Mail has been specifically designed to be as user friendly and simple as possible while providing a vast set of tools that you can utilize to have control over your sent e-mail’s fate.

Full control of the e-mail you send out.It’s like being able to hunt down your mailman and get that letter back. Or putting a time bomb on that tape player that will destroy your message once played. Wish you could put a GPS tracking unit inside that package you shipped out to see where it really ends up?

You can configure and fine tune a precise amount of control over any e-mail you send.

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