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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Drive Loads of Free Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Whether you have the most expensively designed website in the world or a blog that is filled with the craziest information on tree frogs, your website is nothing without this number one element: Traffic. Without traffic, no one will be able to see your website or blog. And if no one can see your website or blog, how do you expect to make any money from it?

When the average person first launches a website, they turn to paid advertising in order to get people to flock to their website, but what they forget to do is research how paid advertising works. Everyone thinks paid advertising is a magical thing that will bring tons of repeat visitors in and every person will buy what you have, click on your ads, or do something to make you some money. Sure, it will definitely bring you traffic, but that's all it will bring - just plain traffic. The key here is not to get just traffic - You need to focus on targeted traffic and repeat visitors. Master these two elements and watch your website advance to a whole new level.

Now, I'm not here to teach you about paid advertising and how you can make that work for you. That's a whole subject in itself. What I can teach you is how to get targeted traffic completely free! Yes - people who are interested in what your website or blog has to offer will be heading over to check out what your all about, and you won't need to spend a dime to make it happen! I'm not going to get into depth on each method of driving free targeted traffic to your website, but here are some of the ways you could start bringing in major, targeted traffic, all without the hefty price tag of paid advertising:

- Article marketing

- Submit to web directories

- Submit to social bookmarking sites

- Start groups about your website or blog's topic on social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook and more

- Become a member of forums and post regularly. Plug your website every now and then, but only if it helps someone or someone has an interest.

- Use forum signatures with a link to your website

- Comment on blog posts. Must be a blog relevant to your website or blog

- Create content, more content, and then even more content. The more pages, the more Google and other major search engines can index, means the more organic and free traffic heading your way.

- Submit to multiple search engines. Submit the URL of each page of your website separately.

These are just a few free strategies and methods that you can use to drive traffic to your website. Driving free traffic does take some time, but in the end, you'll have a consistent flow of traffic for years to come.

Bryan Hufford is a former corporate slave turned online entrepreneur. He has successfully launched several businesses online, working directly from home. Find out how you can start working at home and join his newsletter about earning extra income online at his website http://www.workathomecompanies.net


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