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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Work From Home In India or Abroad : Attention Teachers

TutorVista is on the path of rapid expansion.
We want motivated tutors who enjoy the challenge of teaching to be a part of our team immediately
To find out more about us and how we have grown to 200 tutors in less than 6 months, read our growth story.
Exciting, engaging, enriching? and educating too
TutorVista is a leading online tutoring firm providing quality education. TutorVista helps Student's develop active learning and thinking skills to excel in schools and at competitive examinations.
We are currently providing our educational services to over 1,500 students in the U.S and U.K with plans of expanding our services to other countries as well.
The TutorVista advantage
You work for a rapidly growing company where the opportunities for career advancement are immense.

You get to do something which you enjoy - teaching and sharing knowledge with students.

Work from home - without the hassle of commuting.

Flexible timings - You can choose the numbers of days and hours you would like to work from 3-8 hours a day. With prior notice you can also increase or decrease your work hours.

You learn new tools and technologies which are being used in the online education space.
Find out what some of our tutors have to say about working with us.
Would you be interested in becoming a tutor with TutorVista?
Send us your resume to
jobs@tutorvista.com with the following information:

  1. Subject taught in the opening line
  2. Grades being taught and total teaching experience
  3. Academic qualifications

Our recruitment team will get back to you with next steps so as to take the process further.
The recruitment process is outlined below. Please note that each step in this process is a selection round.

1. Online Test:

You would be required to take an online test. This is a mandatory requirement, for the selection process and the details will be E-mailed to you.

Mic & headset is not required for the test

If you are using any other net connection, other than broadband, you stand a risk of disruptions, which might affect your test.

2. PC Configuration:

Minimum PC configuration required:

  1. OS- Windows XP
  2. Processor- Intel Pentium 3 or above, AMD Athlon or newer
  3. Browser- Microsoft Internet Explorer 5, 6
  4. Mozilla 1.6 or later
  5. JavaScript and cookies enabled in the browser
  6. Memory Minimum 256 MB Preferably 512 MB.
  7. Hard disk space of at least 20GB or above, with minimum free space of around 5GB
  8. Accessories
  9. Broadband internet connection at 256 kbps
  10. Head set and mic connection with the PC
  11. Digital Pen and Pad (must for a Math Tutor)-Only after your certification.
  12. (Digital pen and pad is a must for Math Tutor (only after certification). The specifics:
  13. The min. size of the pad is: 4"x5".)

If you have the necessary PC configuration:

  1. Please download the free Skype software (an Internet voice and Chat software) at http://www.skype.com and send us your skype id.

3. Interview:

The Interview on skype would be scheduled and conducted by HR and you will be assessed on different parameters.

A few of the criterions would be:

  1. Experience
  2. Computer Skills
  3. Communication Skills

4. Training:

  1. Commencement date for training:

Once you have the required PC Configuration and clear the online test and the interview, you will be intimated about the commencement of your training programme.

  1. Training Location:

Using the WebEx application, the training can be taken from the convenience of your residence.

  1. Training Duration:

The duration of training would be 3 weeks with 2 hours each day. Weekends would be off.

  1. PC and Broadband connection is a prerequisite for Training:

You must have a PC with the mentioned configuration and an Internet Broadband connection at home.

  1. Digital Pen and Pad:

These can be purchased after certification.

  1. Online training Cost:

The programme is FREE of cost.

5. Certification:

Post training, you need to take 3 live sessions with students. You will be certified, only after clearing these 3 live monitored tutoring sessions.

Post Certification: Tutors will be assigned sessions with students according to business requirements. This might entail waiting for a certain period. We will keep the tutors informed about this.

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