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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Create Web Pages Freely and Monetize

You can create web pages freely.there are a lots of services on internet.you can create geosites on yahoo too.but few allow you to display contextual ads like adsense or Kontera or bidvertizer.

Here is the answer:

Google page creator is the answer.You can create web pages by the online tool provided by the google page creator.choose template,style and edit the as you like by page editor and manage pages by page manager.All you need is a Gmail account to get started.if you do not have one sign up here below:

Sign Up For Gmail Account

The pages you create can be crawled by Google within a few hours of publication. Other search engines may also index your pages as they periodically crawl the internet.

Google Page Creator automatically saves any changes you make, so you don't ever have to worry about losing your work.

if you want to unpublish any given page, simply go to the Page Manager, select the pages you want to take offline by clicking their checkboxes, and select "Unpublish" from the "More Actions..." dropdown menu.

You can use up to 100MB of space for your pages and uploaded files.

How To Monetize Your Pages:

If you want to display adsense ads first register for the adsense programme.and then log in to your account and choose the code according to your pages and the place you wish them to appear and paste the code in the given page with the help og html editor.

To assist publishers using Google Page Creator with code implementation, here are some instructions:
1. Log into your AdSense account at www.google.com/adsense .
2. From the AdSense Setup tab, customize and generate your AdSense code.
3. Copy the generated code from the 'Your AdSense code' box.
4. Log into your Google Page Creator account.
5. Select the web page you'd like to display AdSense ads.
6. Select the field where you'd like the ads to appear.
7. Click 'Edit HTML'.

You can choose to show any other ads from another adsense programme if you wish.You can upload any other page in the google pages too.

Want To Sign For Adsense Program:

Sign Up

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Google Makes It Easy To Get Cricket Score

Google has made it very easy to get cricket score.Just type the 'cricket' in google search box and you get the brief score of all the current cricket matches.A single click will also give you access to a detailed cricket score card.
Indian Fans can type 'cricket india'. Or 'Cricket score India Pakistan'.
You can replace india with any country of your choice to get th score details of any country of your choice.
Isn't it easy and faster way!

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