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Friday, January 12, 2007

Get the ease of Pay-Per-Click publishing

Get the ease of Pay-Per-Click publishing with the income of the best affiliate programs!


Pay-Per-Click Publishing Affiliate Programs


  1. Context-relevant advertisements that generate high click through rates.

  2. Text-link ads that get higher click through rates.

  3. Multiple ads per page (more ads means a higher chance of an interested visitor).

  4. Easy to use--copy and paste some JavaScript onto your web pages and you're setup.


  1. Tens to hundreds of dollars per sale.

  2. Thousands of available products for almost any kind of website.

  3. The good ones have well written sales pages designed to convert the visitor into a buyer.


  1. The publisher is only paid pennies per click.

  2. The publisher has very little control over what ads are shown.

  3. The reporting is limited and slow to update.

  4. Far too many restrictions on ad placement and page text.

  5. You give free branding to the ad provider through their "Ads by [whoever]" (or similar) link.


  1. Selling items for a dozen different vendors is difficult to keep track of.

  2. It's hard to know up front what affiliate programs are "the good ones" that will convert well.

  3. It's cumbersome to copy and paste text and links for dozens of programs all over your website.

Now you can get the best of both worlds

without the pitfalls for FREE!

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