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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bring Your Desktop With You Anywhere

"wherever you go, whatever you do, you can bring your desktop too."
no local installation means that Desktoptwo leaves no trace behind.
Think of Desktoptwo as your free mobile home on the Internet with all of your personal information, programs and applications in one easy-to-use, feature-rich location and, because all you need is a web browser to access your account, even the simplest web device (whether yours or someone else's) can become your personal space.


  1. Hard Drive. Any file, any time, anywhere. 1GB Free!

  2. Mail. Use Desktoptwo or add your own POP account(s)

  3. Address Book. All your Contacts wherever you are. Share your Contacts or import from others

  4. My Website Editor. Create/Edit a webpage. Publish it instantly.

  5. Blog. Two domain names - blinkinblog or myblogtwo – for sharing your thoughts with the world

  6. IM. Talk with the Desktoptwo community or use MSN.

  7. MP3 Player. Listen to your tunes from anywhere. Now that’s “World Music”

  8. Programs. Office programs for reading documents on the fly. Collaborate with others.

  9. Message Boards. Meet other Desktoptwo users in a truly global marketplace of ideas.

  10. RSS Reader. Import your favorite feeds or set up new ones.

  11. My Sitestwo. Save your favorite sites and share them with others.

  12. Live Chat. Get to know Desktoptwo users from around the world.


  1. File Sharing. Grant access to your Hard Drive to other users. Simply select a folder, write the name of the user with whom you want to share files, decide the level of access and begin working collaboratively .

  2. Blog. Post music on your blog using the Desktoptwo MP3 player. Just add music files from your Hard Drive or type in the appropriate link and let the world know what you’re listening to.

  3. E-mail Preview. The tri-panel configuration allows you to click on any message and preview its contents in the viewing pane before opening it

  4. Import and Export Addresses. Expand your network of Contacts by sending your Contact List or by adding someone else’s to your Address Book.

  5. IM Fully Compatible. Not only can you IM with other Desktoptwo users, you can also add all your MSN contacts.

  6. Compatible with MSFT. Desktoptwo provides access to Adobe Acrobat Reader and to the OpenOffice suite of applications, allowing you to open .pdf files and lightly edit word processing (.doc), spreadsheet (.xls) and presentation (.ppt) files.

  7. Wallpaper. Choose among numerous wallpaper designs and then apply a unique color scheme.

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